Fortunately for all of us, EasyECU updated its terms of service and other legal documents to make them easier for non-lawyers to understand.

Account Balance

You can speed up the checkout process by ensuring ahead of time that you have adequate funds in your account to cover all planned purchases. Account Balance is an electronic balance, users can use to purchase EasyECU online services only. If you have funds on your Account Balance, payments are made from it. If you don't have sufficient money on your Account Balance to complete a payment, you can use PayPal payment to cover the remaining purchase amount.

  • Funds added to Account Balance are not refundable to PayPal, and cannot be converted into cash
  • Account Balance can only be used to buy EasyECU products and services
  • Account Balance is non-transferable
  • The maximum amount of Account Balance you can have on your account is €500

EasyECU doesn't own your data

All uploading files to EasyECU does not give us the right to do what we wish with them. You own your data, not EasyECU. And we are promise not to use your data for our own purposes.

And you don't own other people's data

EasyECU must point that the right to retain full ownership of the files you upload to EasyECU only applies if the files are yours in the first place. If you upload anything that belongs to someone else — expect to have your files deleted.

Losing your data

It's possible that EasyECU might have a server meltdown and lose your stuff. Because of this, EasyECU makes it clear that you should always keep a backup of any file you upload to you EasyECU on a local hard drive. If you don't, and your files are inadvertently deleted, that's not EasyECU's problem. You've been warned.

You may delete your EasyECU account anytime by contacting us via email (see Contacts). If you do delete your EasyECU account, all your files will be deleted (not retained).

What you can't do

There are a number of things you may not do with, or while using, EasyECU. They are:

  • No hacking EasyECU, or using EasyECU to hack other sites or services
  • Don't use EasyECU to spam, phish, or spoof people
  • No harassing people using EasyECU
  • In general, don't break the law using EasyECU

Try to use EasyECU for any of these purposes, and you'll probably have your account cancelled (or worse, depending on the infraction).


None of this should have come as any surprise — it's all standard stuff. But if there's one key lesson to take away from all this, it is: Don't use EasyECU to do anything illegal. Live by that rule, and you shouldn't have any problems using EasyECU.